Why choose us?

For years, MedCare Central has helped guide thousands of patients from all over the world to the right medical choices with safe, reliable, satisfying and affordable outcomes.

With us, you not only have the total freedom but also a complete control on every aspect of your medical treatment. Few of the numerous advantages include -

  • Help you Assess - You get to determine the necessity of your medical travel - Our trusted experts provide you the most reliable and overview of your medical condition. We will also advice you if your travel is actually needed in the first place. We will provide you all the information to go by it, essential benefits and cautions, plus "Do's and Don'ts from our health experts".
  • Help you Explore - You get to find the best hospitals and clinics in the world - We provide you the essential and unbiased information that includes detailed information on accreditation, treatment specialties, and comparative costs.
  • Help you Plan - We help you schedule and budget your trip for the safest, most cost-effective health journey - Our years of experience comes to fore to provide you with hundreds of practical tips for getting the very best treatment, often at significant savings.

Apart from providing the essential support like finding the best doctor for your healthcare needs, MedCare Central will be your support and guide at every juncture. Here is a list of pragmatic facilities that you can expect from us

Pre-Travel Service

  • Talking to various specialists in tertiary care hospitals to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and estimated costs.
  • Set up pre-arrival discussions with the doctor who can explain the whole treatment process to you.

Travel Assistance

  • Provide a visa support letter which will assist you in getting your Visa faster.
  • Provide assistance on registration process for medical visa.
  • Help you with Airline recommendations and ticket reconfirmations.
  • Picking you up from the airport.

Post Arrival Conveniences

  • Provide you with a Local SIM card so that you're always in touch with your loved ones.
  • Arranging for your travel and transportation needs during your stay.
  • Help you to get priority consultations, investigations and treatment at the hospital. Providing a translator if needed.
  • Provide Forex facilities at your door-step.
  • Facilitate shopping and local tours upon completion of the treatment.

Post Treatment Services

  • Helping you procure long term prescription medicines at reasonable cost.
  • Facilitate reviews with your treating doctor, once you're back home.