Who we are?

The decision to travel overseas for medical treatment brings with it countless questions and apprehensions.

You are bound to have doubts and questions like - "Is this the best option for me?", "What will I need to do once I reach there?", "How much will the treatment cost?" and so on.

We understand that you need a reliable health partner who can address all your concerns, and help you achieve a successful medical outcome. We, at MedCare Central, do just that. We have years of experience in connecting healthcare seekers across the globe tothe most suitable medical care providers, which include prominent multi-specialty hospitals renowned for comprehensive and credible services.

In addition to giving you the access to a host of certified specialists from accredited hospitals, MedCare Central also provides you a complete package from pre to post treatment and includes various specialised services like travel assistance, Medical Visa guidance, stay and accommodation, food, translator and much more.

Reliable Assistance

Right from the first step, which is to search for the best doctor for you, to the last, which probably is to help you acquire the medicine you will need to take back home after your treatment, you can rest assured of a reliable assistance.

Comprehensive Planning

The most important part of the service is to give you the right estimate of your treatment cost. We will prepare a comprehensive plan that will include all the minute details which you would want to know before deciding to travel.

Thorough Discussions

We will help you have detailedpre-arrival discussions with the experts who will explain the wholetreatment process to you.

Specialised Support

After you decide the best specialist and the hospital for you, we will guide you on various stages of medical travel, like helping you get the medical visa faster, assist you in with the registration process for foreign nationalson your arrival and providing you with local sim cards for you to stay in touch with your loved ones back home. We will also help you with your accommodation and travel during your stay. In addition we will ensure you will get the high priority during consultation and treatment at the hospital or the clinic. We will help you get the most suitable food as prescribed during your treatment and also arrange for Forex facilities at your door step. In addition to the complimentary pick-up and drop to the airport we can also facilitate periodic reviews with your doctor after you reach home.

Impeccable Execution

You can reach us for whatever you need and expect a professional service, always.