Second Opinion

'When in doubt, go for a second opinion.' This old proverb couldn't be truer than in situations concerning your health. When in apprehension about the suggested diagnosis, expensive tests, invasive procedures and surgeries by your physician, it is always advisable to consider a second opinion from another physician.

Gathering multiple opinions on your medical condition could be an emotionally fraught decision for you to make you may think it's questioning the authority or expertise of your physician. Well, you need to understand that it simply doesn't mean your physician isn't good enough, but in fact, this might help you decide on a course of treatment that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences and provides the best possible outcome.

Three main reasons for us to offer a second opinion are -

  • Better quality care
  • Cost containment
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Here are some of the most common questions our users ask when they approach us for a second opinion –

Generic Queries

Do you issue prescriptions?

No, this is because we believe that medication can be prescribed only after a thorough physical examination. Since, this is not possible in an online setting, we do not issue prescriptions. However, we may recommend medications in some conditions.

What if I am not satisfied at the end of it all?

Given the wonderful record of MedCare Central, such a scenario is unlikely to occur. But if you feel there are things that still haven't been sorted out, you are free to contact us and we will try and resolve the issue in the best possible way.

Queries related to information sharing

Do I need to fill in all the information in the 'Submit Your Reports' section?

Yes it is important and mandatory for you to fill in every physical detail to be able to seek consultation. This is because only if you submit the latest reports can the physician whom we entrust your case will be able to conduct a more informed and accurate study. This will ensure that you are given the best possible counseling.

How does your system work?

We use a web interface to communicate with you. On successfully receiving your queries and reports, we will send you an acknowledgement message. For this you will need to provide us with relevant details like your name,email ID and phone number. An appropriate feedback will be provided to you as soon as possible, typically within 48 hours of request initiation.

Where do you send the answers and suggestions?

With MedCare Central you have an access to highly specialized healthcare experts across Asia. Most of our specialists are available for medical case reviews, consultations and second medical opinions. Each one of them is licensed, board-certified and qualified medical practitioner of repute. They have passed the required background checks, and have had their malpractice and disciplinary action history reviewed.

Important Note: Medical opinions provided by our specialists are objective and are based on thorough evaluation and medical evidence. As far as the privacy of your information is concerned, all correspondence is 100% confidential.

What if I do not wish to upload any reports?

Without a detailed explanation of your problem and attachment of reports the physician might not be able to give you a comprehensive opinion which can undermine the very purpose of going for a second opinion.

How quickly do you reply back?

We will try and reply at the earliest, however, it might take 48 hours for standard consultation.

Process related Query

How Does Second Opinion at Medcare Central Work?

To get started, please fill all the required information in the 'Second Opinion' form on this page. Following this you can click the ‘submit’ button which will submit your request.

The medical experts at MedCare Central will review your file and forward it to a committee of specialists that best serve your case. Our specialists will analyze your case and provide a conclusion at the earliest, typically within 48 hours - either directly to you or, upon request, to your doctor.

In some cases, the conclusions reached by our medical specialists might be the same as those provided by your physician. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions, where further testing, or visiting a different specialist may be recommended.

Privacy Concerns

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is extremely important for us and we'll ensure you that none of your personal details will ever be disclosed to anyone. We would like to reiterate that all correspondence on MedCare Central is thoroughly secured and 100% confidential.

Payment Queries

What are the acceptable modes of payment?

The Second Opinion provided to you by our experts is completely FREE.

Do you charge again if I need to clarify something after the first reply?

No, as per our Total-client-satisfaction policy, we DO NOT charge you for any of your queries.