Treatment related Queries

How do I compare the cost of the treatment at my place to the options provided by MedCare Central?

We understand that apart from the quality of the treatment, the cost is the major factor for most patients to travel abroad. Hence, we have a provision to send a profound quotation covering all the major costs including the treatment, travel and accommodation. Even though the quotation is an approximate estimate considering the fact that your treatment plan and length of hospitalization could vary, it can provide clarity on various issues and can help you assess the benefits of the tour.

Nevertheless, we can also suggest various possible ways to reduce your overall cost.

Once you contact us with your concern, and send us your details, our coordinators will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please find the contact details on the "Contact us" page.

If MedCare Central can provide the treatment at lesser cost than what's available at my place, how about the quality?

MedCare Central is associated with a group of esteemed hospitals that are ranked among the best in Asia, and even globally. The list includes some of the finest healthcare brands with globally recognized medical accreditations like JCI and NABH. Few of them also boast of certification from Harvard Medical School (HMS), while other few are assisted by internationally reputed Cleveland Clinics. The reason for the cost of treatment to be less here is due to Economies of scale which play a major role, while other factors like lower cost-of-living have a substantial impact on travelling and accommodation expenditure. You can rest assured that when we recommend a treatment option, it's the price and not the quality of the treatment that is cheap.

Is it possible to consult the doctors at MedCare Central regarding my issue even before I get there? If yes, then how?

You are welcome to contact us with details regarding your issue. You can either mail or fax your medical reports and documents to us. We shall consult our doctors and experts in tertiary care from JCI certified hospitals to get the best possible treatment options for you. We shall then send the details and talk to you personally on the most favorable options pertaining to the hospital and the specialists.

If I find the hospital and the surgeon I chose previously are not up to my expectations, can MedCare Central help me?

Though it's quite unlikely to happen, MedCare Central would surely offer you the best of the support in such an event. Considering the top-notch medical facilities and the expertise of the doctors we are associated with, we always try and ensure that you derive the maximum satisfaction from the trip and such scenario never occur.

Travel related Queries

Is there a VISA for people who want to travel to other countries for treatment? If yes, then what is the procedure to apply for it?

Almost all countries require you to obtain a Medical VISA if you wish to travel there for treatment, but the rules and procedures to obtain it will vary.

MedCare Central can put you across to the right people who professionally trained in the domain to help you with all the details. You can rest assured of the expertise of the advisors as they are well qualified and certified to answer to all your travel related queries. They are sure to render the best of the services, right from gathering the required documents to procuring the Medical VISA for you, all at a reasonable price. Call us on - 0123456789

Generic Procedure

To obtain a medical VISA, you will have to send in your passport details. Once received, we shall then send the visa invitation letter to you to apply for the VISA.

Please dial the above mentioned contact number to get full assistance on the details like the address and other important steps required to file your medical visa.

Document Checklist

Here is a checklist for some of the important documents that you would be required to be carried

  • Appointment letter ( Letter stating your appointment with the doctors)
  • Hospital card of your previous visits, if any
  • All recent medical reports (including scans, X-rays, blood tests etc.)
  • Details of prescribed drugs currently being used by the patient
  • Patient's and attendant's Identity Proofs
  • Insurance card
  • Passport size photo graph ( at least 10 ) for both
  • Local mandate like Yellow fever vaccination ( Few countries demand it as a mandate)
Do you have language translators available with you?

Our support staff and doctors are conversant in English. If you speak any other language and need a translator, informing us in advance will help us to arrange one for you well in time of your arrival.

Physician related Queries

What are the credentials of your doctors, i.e., his/her medical degree, internship and over all experience?

Most of our doctors and surgeons are recognized by reputed medical institutions and healthcare associations. We will forward you all the details about the credentials of the physician(s) once they have been duly assigned your case. As far as possible, you will be given the details of all most all the doctors and surgeons who would be overseeing your complete treatment including diagnosis, medication, pre-surgery, surgery, prescriptions, physical therapy and post-surgery checkups once finalized.

The information about the doctors is most likely to cover the details like -

  • Education and the medical domain they specialize in
  • Number of patients they see on regular basis
  • The healthcare related associations they are part of

Facilities related queries

Can MedCare Cental arrange for the accommodation for both the patient and the attendant for the entire duration of the treatment?

We very well understand that the duration of stay depends on the nature of the treatment. For short-term treatment the attendant will duly be allowed to stay with the patient at the hospital itself. For long term stay, it might be not pragmatic for both the patient and the attendant to stay back at the hospital. For this sole purpose, MedCare Central is tied us with a host of accommodation providers of repute, who apart from being located in close proximity to your hospital can provide the best of the facilities appropriate for patients and their attendants.

During an impending surgery when the patient might be required to be in Critical care units / Isolation rooms etc., MedCare Central can very well arrange for the accommodation if need by the attendant in reputed hotels and guest-houses close to the hospitals. MedCare Central will carefully choose the accommodation keeping in mind the cost, quality and proximity to give you a satisfying experience.

For long term treatment, will MedCare Central arrange for the transport for the patient and the attendant, back and forth from the hospital in case the accommodation is away from it?

MedCare Central can very well put you across to the travel organization or consultants who will be able to arrange for your long term transport facilities. Moreover, if in case you face any issue with them, you may bring it to our notice and we will help you solve your concern in the best way possible.

Other Queries

Is healthcare overseas safe and good enough?

Interestingly, this is the most common question that comes from the friends and family members of patients who tend to be more apprehensive than the patients themselves. In fact, at least one friend or family member is virtually guaranteed to balk at the thought of your heading overseas for treatment. However, most of these concerns are unfounded. They usually arise either from a lack of knowledge or from cultural myopia.

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