• Every year, about 8 million patients
    travel abroad for medical care
    Of this more than 2 million choose
    South-east Asia for their treatment
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    Our service extends beyond helping you reach the
    Right Destination to Recover & Recuperate

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What is the procedure to obtain a Medical VISA?

MedCare Central can put you across to the right people who are professionally trained in the domain to help you with all the details. You can rest assured of the expertise of the advisors as they are well qualified and certified to answer to all your travel related queries. They are sure to render the best of the services, right from gathering the required documents to procuring the Medical VISA for you, all at a reasonable price.

If overseas treatment costs less, how good is the quality?

Interestingly, this is the most common question that comes from the friends and family members of patients who tend to be more apprehensivethan the patients themselves. In fact, at least one friend or family member is virtually guaranteed to balk at the thought of you heading overseas for treatment. However, most of these concerns are unfounded. They usually arise either from a lack of knowledge or from cultural myopia.

Can I consult your doctors on my issue before deciding?

You are welcome to contact us with details regarding your issue. You can either mail or fax your medical reports and documents to us. We shall consult our doctors and experts in tertiary care from JCI certified hospitals to get the best possible treatment options for you. We shall then send the details and talk to you personally on the most favorable options pertaining to the hospital and the specialists.

How good are your doctors, other staff and facilities?

Most of our doctors and surgeons are recognized by reputed medical institutions and healthcare associations. We will forward you all the details about the credentials of the physician(s)once they have been duly assigned your case. As far as possible, you will be given the details of doctors and surgeons who would be overseeing your completetreatment includingdiagnosis, medication, pre-surgery, surgery, prescriptions, physical therapy and post-surgery checkups once finalized.